Far have I been!

Christmas in Skye

In October we made the decision to take off on Christmas day and head to Skye. I booked our favourite campsite so we was all set. Due to the current situation we wasn’t even sure if it would go ahead but we took our chances and kept everything crossed.

By Christmas eve was pretty much organised just had a few bits and pieces to pack. We had our festive dinner with the family opened presents so we was ready to get up the next day and head off.

On Christmas morning it was lovely weather so we took off up the road. The van was loaded with food from the leftover dinner from the night before and I had picked up a large cheese board from the Ugie house hotel.

The road was pretty quiet just a few cars on the go so it turned out to be a rather enjoyable drive up the road. I did get a bit car sick but that was my own fault for not eating in the morning before leaving. We did make a fresh air stop that sorted me out. When we got to Dornie we couldn’t resist a wee stop at Eilean Douan Castle for a quick photo.

Eilean Douan Castle

We didn’t far to go after that once we was over the bridge Camping Skye at Broadford is only few miles along the road.

We arrived just after lunch time the campsite was quite full with a few campers with their Christmas lights on.

This is our van at night!

So we got all set up then got our cheeseboard out I was starving by then.

Ugie House cheese board!

Then it was feet up put on a film and chill out for a while. Just as the sun was setting we took a wee walk up the woods so the dogs could get a run about. The weather was lovely all though it was pretty chilly.

Sunset on Christmas day

Back at the van we watched more films and enjoyed the peace of a alternate Christmas day.

We spent Boxing day the way Boxing day was ment to be spent! Being lazy watching tv and eating snacks. We did make some plans for the next day though!

Twixmas began so thought we would motivate ourselves and go for a walk with the dogs. We took a wander along to the old pier and Irishmans point the weather was great and the dogs love that wee walk.


The 28th of December was my day cause well it was my 44th birthday I had it planned for ages that I wanted to go to the fairy pools. I got up in the morning opened all my presents realised that everyone thinks I smell cause I got a load of smelling stuff from Dove shower gel, perfume and a Boots voucher.

Thank you to my amazing husband who got me a pair of dream Fjaraven leggings that are totally lush and super comfy. Once we were dressed we headed off moving the van for the first time since we arrived.

The weather was amazing although a little frosty we couldn’t have asked for a better day. We was about 30 miles from Glenbrittle so it didnt take too long to get there although we did take our time as the road was a little icy but least it was quiet. The carpark wasnt too busy so knew we had picked a good time to come.

It still as spectacular as I remember and the dogs just loved it we had a great time exploring. It isnt a massively long walk but enough to feel like you have done something.

Fairy Pools

We took a run in the van to Glenbrittle bay for a wee look after the Fairy pools it is stunning and we will definitely go back in the summer.


We was hungry after all that but wasnt sure if anything would be open. At the turn off we thought we had a wee look along at Carbost see if anything was open there and found a wee pub called the Old Inn. They didnt have a huge menu but the food was good and the view was excellent think this is one my favourite photos of the year.


The rest of my birthday was spent chilling out watching films and ended it with a couple gins which I regretted the next day now I know why I dont drink more than 2 gins!

On the 29th we woke up and the weather was pretty horrible so we binged watched all the soaps in bed till late morning. We got up, ate brunch and watched more soaps. Once the weather improved I took a walk into the wee market square for a look around the shops. There were plenty of lovely items in the shops but I didn’t purchase anything.


We finally motivated ourselves at tea time to go out for something to eat at Cafesia which was lovely as usual. We have been there many times and never been disapointed.

It rained most of the night and into the next day so it was just a chill out day for us just watching films on Netflix and just enjoying chilling out. We woke up on the 31st with yet more rain but we decided we needed to get out today. Once the rain went off a bit we took a walk up the woodland trail up the back of the campsite.

There is a lovely spot with a bench about a mile or so into the walk which usually has great views. Unfortunately there was nothing to see! The dogs had fun though and it was nice to get out for a wee bit! Later on we took in New Year watching the fireworks that were being set off down in the village and listening to the loan piper on the tv it was perfect!

Before we knew it, it was the 2nd and it was time to head home or was it! Well I hate going home so another night away maybe. So we headed back to Aviemore and got lunch at Ballavoulin which was lush before going up to the Cairngorm centre.

We came back down to the Coire na ciste carpark for the night. They have a great facility there for campervans there was a few parked up but it was very windy which did not bother me but at about 2am my husband got up and moved the position of the van so it wasnt getting such a battering. I was delighted to waken up in the morning so a lovely covering of snow! Which was the perfect end to the perfect holiday we had!








Far have I been!

All Snug in Fife

After we got a wee invitation from the lovely folks at The Snug at Logie farm to come and review one of their lovely new luxury camping pods we couldn’t wait to go and explore. I didn’t really make much of a plan but I did put a wee post on Facebook looking for recommendations and I certainly got plenty! So after a trip to the Deli to stock up on snacks and pack a case I waited patiently for Mr C to finish work and get away. It was only a couple hours down the road for us so we made it down just after sunset. When we arrived at the bottom of the road I was intrigued to where the pods where. We headed up the track and got the first taste of the amazing location as we passed a herd of deer just hanging around in the park. A little bit along we reached the pods.

Wow we made it in time for the amazing view and a lovely we plaque with our names on it. Cause well its the little things its it.

Inside the pod we was greeted by a stunning modern interior and every gadget you could ask for.

The snug

We stocked up our fridge, Mr C played with all the buttons then we got our feet up and set too a Squid Games binge watch on Netflix. Well I think we managed to stay wakened till about 10 o’clock. The bed was so comfy.

The snug

Next morning we was wakened early but we had a long lie had a lovely Nepresso coffee in bed then got up and organised. After a wee chat with Jo the owner we headed to the Buttercup Cafe in Newbrough for brunch. Jo had recomnened it to us and we could see why it was lovely.

Brunch at the Buttercup cafe

We hadnt made any kind of concrete plans just go for a run and see. First stop was a quick one at the round tower at Abernethy which is thought to date back to 1100. We couldn’t get parked as we had the van so it was just a snap of the camera before heading off.

The round tower

Not far along the road was Auchtermuchty are next planned stop to see Jimmy Shands memorial. If you know the Bluebell poker you know who Jimmy is! This was Mr C’s highlight of the day! That set him up for the day and we had to listen to his music the rest of it! Even through the blue tooth speaker in the pod at night!

Jimmy Shands Memorial

We headed for Falkland next but after we circled a couples time we ended up on a different road. It was actually the way to the Lomond hills. We took the opportunity to give the dogs a run about. The views from even the car park are great. There is a lovely picnic area and a well maintained toilet.

Lommomd Hills

Back on the road again for the second try to get parked at Falkland. We eventually found the car park. I grabbed my camera and National trust card and went for a wander. Falkland is a lovely wee village with lots of quirky shops and nice looking cafes/pubs.


After a walk about I went along to Falkland Palace and gardens.

I decided to just have a look around the gardens.

The inside was very busy so I decided to look round the gardens. They were lovely and extensive. There is lots of wee hidden area and even a tennis court.

Falkland Palace and Gardens

Back on the road again. We hadn’t really planned anything so we thought we would go to Scotlands Hidden Bunker. On the way there we went past the Hill of Tarvit mansion so we did stop for a wee look. Another place well worth a visit and there was a view point walk.

Hill of Tarvit Mansion

We couldn’t do everything in one day so next stop was Scotlands secret bunker.

This is a amazing fascinating place to visit for Adults and kids.

It’s a underground cold war bunker museum and its huge. With lots of interesting rooms and artefacts.

Scotland Secret Bunker

Our last stop of the day was Arstruther for tea for some of their famous fish and chips! We had to queue for a little while but it’s was lovely and well worth the wait.

Anstrurther Fish and Chips

We headed home before it got dark thinking we could sit outside with a gin! But the rain came on and oh my it’s rained a lot! So we snuggled up watched tv had snacks and enjoyed our last night in the snug before heading home the next morning.

Thank you for reading I have posted all the links below! The Snug was amazing and totally recommend if your looking for somewhere to stay in Fife!

Please note the stay at The Snug was part gifted!

The fur babies loved it too!









Far have I been!

How my inquisitiveness led me to have a epic experience!

When we ventured off on our holidays we passed though Nairn like we have done may times. Yet again I said to Mr C wonder what that big igloo type thing is down there. But this time I posted on the Nairn rocks Facebook page. This led to several comments and then Kim the owner telling us all her plans of using it for group soothing sound therapy sessions for her business named Soul Provider, following that Kim sent me a wee message if I fancied coming along to try a Bowl on Body Peter Hess sound massage. So of course I said yes. I had no idea what I was saying yes to but I am all for trying new things.

So a date was set and this morning I got up and googled what I should wear. I pulled on a loose comfy dress and set off to Nairn. Arriving at her treatment cabin I had some preconceived idea of who I was going to meet. Well I was so wrong I was met with a quine just like myself, a wife and mother doing what she’s loves and is passionate about.

I openly told Kim I had done no research before hand. If I had read about what it was it have would lead me to become anxious about going along which I didn’t want. Not because I might have not liked it I just get nervous. I did know that like any therapy that I would get some kind of benefit out of it what I didn’t know!

Kim made me feel totally as ease. She told me about her what’s for you won’t go by you moment which led her to jet off to Spain for her initial training. Along with Peter Hess Sound therapy for adults, child and pets she is a trained in Oncology massage. All the information of all the services Kim providers are on the website along with the prices. She does give a discount of 25% to employees of the NHS, carers, military serving and veteran, emergency services and OAP’s. I will post all links below so you can read about all her services.

Before my treatment I was asked if I suffer from any aches or pains which I don’t. I did make her aware that I do get anxious and feel overwhelmed from time to time. Also my sleeping patterns aren’t the greatest.

The treatment itself I would describe as a very relaxing experience. As the various sizes of Peter Hess sound bowls were placed on several areas of the back and front of my body as well as my hands and feet. The sounds and feeling of the bowls total relaxed me and I don’t actually think I have ever felt so relaxed. I can only describe it as a total epic experience. I got some relaxed I may have drooled slightly 😳! I really think it was just what I was needing. Who knew lying on a bed with some fancy bowls with nice sounds could make you feel so good but it does. I did feel a little emotional on my way home but in a good way but Kim did say that was perfectly normal!

Full disclosure my experience today was gifted! I do plan to return before Christmas which I will be paying with my own money unless my husband treats me. That is how good it made me feel and actions speak louder than words!

Thank you for reading Tracy x


Far have I been!

Did somebody say Gin????

Living in the North East of Scotland you can’t always be ootside raking aboot cause well it does rain a fair bit and I kane skin is waterproof but sometimes I like to visit places inside too! As much as I find whisky distilleries interesting place to go and visit I just canna drink the stuff. Gin on the other hand is a whole different story I love gin and I have certainly tried plenty.

Just a wee drive or bus trip to Elgin is far there is a wee gin distillery called Avva. Jill the owner and distiller produces the lovely stuff on site in their bespoke gin still called Jessie-Jean that was handmade by one of my friends Derek & his team at Speyside Copper Works. https://www.speysidecopper.com/

Their gin is made with Speyside water and a mix of highland and Speyside botanicals. If you chose to go for a tasting/tour you will get a chance to taste all 4 of their lovely gins they produce as well find out more about how Avva gin is produced.

JIf you don’t have time for a tour can also visit their onsite shop, where they have a lovely selection of Liqueurs, mixers, glasses and of course the all important gin.

I had a lovely morning chatting with Jill not only about gin but about a million other things too! I highly recommend giving them a visit if not for a tour/tasting but just a wee look in the shop!

Check out their website where you can read their story, book a tasting and visit the online shop. https://avvascottishgin.co.uk/

Far have I been!

My Hame Toon Keith!

Keith is situated almost slap bang in the middle of the A96 between Aberdeen and Inverness. With a population of around 4500 people. I have lived in Keith more than half of my life and think I have walked every path and photographed every landmark and place of interest many times. I could make a long list of paths to walk and parts to visit but I will just tell you about a few of my favourites.

Falls of Tarnash

A great walk to explore is the Den woods, Falls of Tarnash and Dunnyduff woods you can make it a short wee walk of a couple miles or if you are feeling energetic you could put on your hiking boots and carry on up the Balloch hill. It is about a 10 miles round trip but totally worth it if the weather is good. Check out this link there are a great selection of walks to try. Keith – Moray Way

Summit of the Balloch

Keith has two train stations the main one that runs from Aberdeen to Inverness and The Keith Town Railway where you can take a trip on the Spirit of Speyside to Dufftown on the appropriately named Whisky Line Home – Keith and Dufftown Railway (keith-dufftown-railway.co.uk)

I haven’t gotten round to doing this yet but is on my list but does come highly recommended. You could jump on the train to Dufftown then rather than taking the train back you could walk the Isla way The Isla Way – Moray Ways

The Spirit of Speyside

Not far from the station is the very photogenic Strathisla Distillery that looks beautiful in all weathers the folks at Strathisla do a range of different tours from blending, tasting and walking tours . Even if whisky is not your thing it is still worth a visit. We did do a blending tour a few years back and it was a great afternoon out! https://www.maltwhiskydistilleries.com/strathisla/

Strathisla Distillery

There are quite a few lovely buildings in Keith the St Rufus Church is quite a notable one as you pass through Keith.

As well as the St Thomas’ Church with its copper dome and the town clock that dominates the main street and the sky line of Keith.

The Town Clock at sunrise

Keith is split in two by the Union bridge with Keith on one side and Fife-Keith on the other with the River Isla running through the middle. Just beside the Union bridge you will find the Auld Brig that dates back to 1609. There is nice wee area here that makes a great picnic location.

Dixy and Suzi at the Auld Brig

As I said earlier I could make a massive list of places but where is the fun in that make your own wee adventure and discoveries. If you do make a visit to Keith don’t forget to have look round some of our lovely independent shops we have as well as several cafes, takeaways and hotels if you are looking for somewhere to eat or even stay!

Fife Keith

For more information on Keith I have posted some useful links below with more information.

Keith and District Heritage Group (kadhg.org.uk)

The Moray Town of Keith – InKeith.com

Thank you for reading Tracy x

Far have I been!

My love of Cullen!

I love to go to lots of places like Ullapool and Skye but you cant just chuck the dogs in the car and be there in 20 mins! But Cullen is just down the road and with lots of options of walking routes Cullen is not just a place to go to the beach!

Cullen with the Bin Hill in the back ground.

One of my favourite hills is the Bin of Cullen which over looks Cullen its a great walk for all the family. On the clear day there is amazing view of the Moray coast line and the hills and mountains in the Blackisle. https://discovercullen.com/bin-hill/

The summit of the Bin of Cullen on my birthday December 2020.

Next stop on my virtual tour of my favourite places of Cullen is Cullen house. The beautiful building that was built in 1602 although it is now converted to separate private dwellings. The grounds can be visited on a Tuesdays and Fridays from 1.30pm till 4.30pm https://discovercullen.com/cullen-house-cullen-auld-kirk/

Cullen House

Cullen is famed for their amazing beach but instead of heading for the main beach of the 3 Kings. We are going to a stunning beach called Sunnyside that can only be reached by foot.

Sunnyside beach

No walk to Sunnyside beach is complete without walking a little bit further on to visit Findlater Castle. The first historical reference to the castle is from 1246. The remains that are still there are from the 14th-century rebuilding. http://www.findlater.org.uk/Castle.htm

Findlater castle

This walk has several other hidden gems not to be missed but you can find them for yourself! The walk can get very overgrown in the summer and some of the paths are narrow and can get slippy when wet. https://discovercullen.com/sunnyside-beach-and-findlater-castle/

Cullen from Castlehill

This wee virtual tour is only a small selection of the walks in and around Cullen many more can be found on the Discover Cullen website. https://discovercullen.com/places-of-interest-in-and-around-cullen/#localwalks

Cullen beach from the path to Portknockie

For more information on Cullen including places to stay, the amazing selection of shops and places to eat can be found on the Discover Cullen website. https://discovercullen.com/

Thank you for taking your time to read Tracy x