Everything and the Kitchen sink part 3!!!

I am pretty sure I have covered most of our stuff in part 1 & 2. I you are maybe thinking that some amount of stuff we take. Part 3 may also be extensive.

Might as well start with my camera equipment. I have a small camera ruck sack that fits my Canon 70d, my Sony dsc wx500, charging cables and tripod. In the wee pocket in the front I manage to fit in a note book, pens, micro fibre cloth to clean lenses and a wee helpful tip sheet that I got with my camera that I refer to often.

I do have another we Osprey camera bag that is handy for taking my Sony pocket camera if I am going for a walk. I also have yet another bag with the Gopro in that I don’t often use but don’t want to leave it home just in case 😂😂😂. All these bags either stay on the bed during the day or in the foot well. Not ideal storage but can’t have everything perfect.

Speaking of storing stuff on the bed. We recently purchased two dry robes from Two Bare feet that are great for going to showers at campsites. Chucking on if it is cold in the evening when your sitting out or just wearing in general if the weather is horrible. These are just kept on the bed during the day so they are handy just to grab and we just transfer them to the front seats at night!

Just above our front seat. We have a great wee cupboard that Mr C built by extending the original shelf and adding in a partition and a door. He did a good job for a digger driver! In here we have to fit in all our clothes.

A lot of careful thought has went in to what clothes I take for us. Well not really I just keep putting in till I can’t fit anymore. But I tend to take trousers/shorts, t-shirt and fleeces that are light easy to wash and dry. A couple hoodies each and I take a couple pairs of jeans with a nice top in case we go out for our tea or something. In reality I have never worn the jeans yet and one day I won’t bother taking them! We have both got compact waterproof jackets and quilted jackets that we keep in the cupboard too! I do try and have it semi organised with a side each and in the middle there are a box each for underwear, socks, pjs and dookers! There isn’t really much room left once I’ve stuffed all that in but I do have enough for a couple towels, a spare bed sheet!

The last few things we have in the cupboard are our toilet bags. Instead of toilet bags I actually use dry bags. One big one that holds everything and one smaller that has the essentials.

Our toilet bag isn’t very extensive. We take one tin of deodorant that we share, Mr C has his own shower gel it’s meant to be a 2 in 1 hair and body but we didn’t have any I’m sure he wont notice. I have two bars of soap one is for face and body and the other is a conditioning shampoo. I got these locally from Heavenly Favour I will post the link below! I just take a wee jar of moisturiser, lip balm, couple hair bobbles, perfume, shower capand of course toothbrushes and toothpaste. My last wee bag is for my hair, a travel hair drier, brush and straightners but I don’t use that often honestly when we are away I am not particularly fussed how I look!

I am almost there though just our heads and feet! Footwear wise I take for each of us a pair of good trainers, a pair of walking trainers and a pair of sandals along with the hiking boots in th boot. These are stored under the passenger seat. Last thing is woolly hats and neck tubes they just stay on the dash board!

Really hope this wasn’t too boring and all makes sense! Feel free to ask me any questions on packing or give me some tips!

Thanks for reading Tracy x

Dry robe link

Shampoo and soap bars

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