Everything including the kitchen sink part 2

The first part I gave you a complete lowdown of our shite shelf! It is nothing compared the amount of stuff we have in the boot!

Last year we took the plunge and purchased a couple of mountain e-bikes which with the front wheels off fit nicely in the boot at one side and the front wheel stored at the other side! We also take out the batteries so they are much lighter to lift in and out.

Once the bikes are in it does leave a fair bit of space. We have some essentials like a toolbox and some levelling chokes that I try to avoid using as I never set them right.

This holiday we have decided to take two awnings with us along with the one that is mounted on the side of the van. We have a small base seconds pop up tent that is a great piece of kit that goes up in seconds for staying at places for one night. Unfortunately they are discontinued but they are similar ones online but way more expensive that what we paid.

Pop up awning beside our old van.

Our second one is a Vango airhub hex which actually comes in a drive-away awning style but we decided we didnt want the faff and bought a stand alone one. It also only takes a few minutes to go up and is great if we are staying somewhere for a few days and needing extra space.

The Vango airhex

Outdoor furniture wise we take a couple large comfy outside folding seats and a small table.

We also have a large Cadac (gas grill) which is great for cooking inside the awning or outside. We have been cooking more in the van lately but it is still handy to take along if we are cooking a lot at a time.

The Cadac

Think that is pretty much our lot in the boot apart from so other bits and pieces. A wee fan heater if it’s cold and we have a electric hook up, a electric hook up cable, a cordless Dyson hoover, extra bottles of water, a 12v shower, some fire wood and fire pit if we are somewhere we can use it, some hiking boots and of course the dogs food.

That is pretty much all the storage apart from the clothing cupboard that is coming in the next part. We do some net bags beside the bed are that are handy for holding wee stuff like remote controls, dogs leads and my pocket mountains books.

We try and give everything their own wee place and keep everything tidy as much as we can! Part 3 coming soon! Once I’ve finished actually packing!

Thank for reading Tracy x

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