Everything and the kitchen sink! Part 1

After year’s of van life my packing skills have came a long way! I do kind of know what I need and don’t need allegedly I am pretty sure my husband may not agree!

I might as well start at the top! With what is know as the shite shelf. Think that kitchen drawer that everyone has the one with all the crap in. So first up first aid kit, liquid talc (ace for chub rub), wipes when you can’t get a wash! Selection of tablets and tiger balm in case we walk or bike too much and get sare bits!

Next up on the shite shelf. A few DVDs just in case it’s pissing we rain and we have no signal. I’ve a wee jar for my sea glass Mr C would chuck at oot but it’s staying. Also got some doggy treats, poop bags and some sweeties cause well you do need sweeties!

Better get back to the more essential stuff though! Midge repellant I think we have pretty much a thing covered here! Beastie be gone a tried and tested balm that not only repels the wee buggers it’s soothes bites too! Smokin Midge a new piece of kit that helps smoke the wee buggers oot. I’ve not tried this yet but it come highly recommend! Also got some bug off wax melts Also got a couple nets and some oil that we can put in to the fans beside oot bed!

As well as the midge wax melt I take a selection of other melts. Which is great for getting rid of the smell of cooking in the van and makes it more homely!

Moving down in to the actually kitchen cupboard area. We have 1 cupboard that has the usual stuff, plates, cups, gin mugs, cutlery, foil & cling film. Coffee, salt, sweetness, cup a soups and crackers. We all take a wee gas stove and gas so if we run out or just want to boil the kettle outside we can!

In the cupboard that has the water tanks in I take some cleaning stuff and a bowl that I can use for washing! Also the most important a good selection of gin & whisky!

Last kitchen cupboard we have our main gas for the hob and oven. The kettle, baking tray, a few pans and ridge monkey which we use most of all for cooking

Last of all we even make most of the space in the sink by having a wee basket containing cleaning wipes, black bags, washing up liquid, a couple tea towels and cloths. The basket is easy to lift out when we need to use the sink.

I think this is going to have to be in 3 parts cause well I dinna realise how much stuff we actually take πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚! Part 2 coming soon!!!

Post includes some gifted items!

Thank you for reading I hope its helpful! Tracy x

6 thoughts on “Everything and the kitchen sink! Part 1”

  1. Don’t you think that your poor husband is lacking in choice of whisky compared to the different guns that you have?? I personally think this look a bit unfair and am sure that he deserves more selection than that!! Also I think that may be your husbands sweets and not yours lol


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