Far have I been!

Did somebody say Gin????

Living in the North East of Scotland you can’t always be ootside raking aboot cause well it does rain a fair bit and I kane skin is waterproof but sometimes I like to visit places inside too! As much as I find whisky distilleries interesting place to go and visit I just canna drink the stuff. Gin on the other hand is a whole different story I love gin and I have certainly tried plenty.

Just a wee drive or bus trip to Elgin is far there is a wee gin distillery called Avva. Jill the owner and distiller produces the lovely stuff on site in their bespoke gin still called Jessie-Jean that was handmade by one of my friends Derek & his team at Speyside Copper Works. https://www.speysidecopper.com/

Their gin is made with Speyside water and a mix of highland and Speyside botanicals. If you chose to go for a tasting/tour you will get a chance to taste all 4 of their lovely gins they produce as well find out more about how Avva gin is produced.

JIf you don’t have time for a tour can also visit their onsite shop, where they have a lovely selection of Liqueurs, mixers, glasses and of course the all important gin.

I had a lovely morning chatting with Jill not only about gin but about a million other things too! I highly recommend giving them a visit if not for a tour/tasting but just a wee look in the shop!

Check out their website where you can read their story, book a tasting and visit the online shop. https://avvascottishgin.co.uk/

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